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Traumatic Childhood Now Included

Traumatic Childhood Now Included

Todorov’s Fantastic and the Uncanny Slasher Remake

(p.103) Traumatic Childhood Now Included
American Horror Film
Andrew Patrick Nelson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter presents a comparative analysis of a recent horror remake and its original by adapting the critical approach employed by the literary philosopher Tzvetan Todorov in his seminal 1970 study The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre. It compares John Carpenter’s Halloween and its recent remake by Rob Zombie, and then expands this comparison into a demonstration of the larger transformative mechanisms by which American filmmaking has been appropriating earlier texts to new social and political circumstances.

Keywords:   American horror film, horror remakes, Tzvetan Todorov, slasher films, Halloween, filmmaking

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