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“Louisiana’s New Oil”

“Louisiana’s New Oil”

Planning for Culture on the New Gulf Coast

(p.3) Introduction “Louisiana’s New Oil”
Culture after the Hurricanes
M. B. Hackler
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter first talks about the devastations that were hurricanes Katrina and Rita, disasters that have struck a chord with the communities that they ravaged. In fact, the events were so devastating that an overwhelmingly large number of books, articles, reports, and declarations came out, each with their own input on the subject. The contents of each of these books, articles, blogs, and editorials respond to sometimes drastically different visions of highly contested histories. This chapter thus introduces the ideas and events that have led to the study that is focused upon in this book: namely, a discourse of cultural policy with regard to the re-creation, revitalization, or reinvention of the cultural life of the Gulf Coast communities in the aftermath of the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

Keywords:   contested histories, cultural policy, cultural life, Gulf Coast communities, Hurricane Katrina

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