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New Orleans Shotgun

New Orleans Shotgun

A Historic Cultural Geography

(p.44) Chapter 2 New Orleans Shotgun
Culture after the Hurricanes
Jay D. Edwards
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter covers the historic cultural geography of New Orleans. It talks about the recovery process of the city, discussing how it is a seriously bifurcated city wherein large portions appear to be entirely back to normal, but others have hardly even begun the recovery process. This suggests that perhaps the situation is caused by the geographical differences in the recovery process. Certain factors, including topography, ethnicity, and history seem to have combined to render substantial portions of the city less able to recover, which has in the end led to their near abandonment. The chapter notes that other factors unquestionably play a role in creating patterns that influence recovery, however it also stresses that the interactions among these three particular factors have not been explored as much.

Keywords:   historic cultural geography, recovery process, topography, ethnicity, abandonment, New Orleans

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