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Hurricane Rita and the New normal

Hurricane Rita and the New normal

Modified Communication and New Traditions in Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes

(p.166) Chapter 6 Hurricane Rita and the New normal
Culture after the Hurricanes
Keagan Lejeune
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter talks about the changes in what became the “new normal” in New Orleans after Hurricane Rita, such as the communication of communal concern, feelings of solidarity and togetherness, and the changes in behavior and traditions that became public announcements of the peculiarity of their shared hurricane experience. Residents believed that their way of life could be maintained if they used ingenuity and perseverance to remake the old to fit the new. In other words, residents employed and adapted traditions as a way to communicate their statement about culture’s ability to weather the storm. This chapter thus analyzes how visual presentations of these modified traditions existed as powerful statements of a community spirit that was directed at both community members and visitors to the area.

Keywords:   new normal, New Orleans, Hurricane Rita, communal concern, hurricane experience, modified traditions, community spirit

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