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Whatever World There Would Be

Whatever World There Would Be

(p.26) Chapter 3 Whatever World There Would Be
Ann ChartersSamuel Charters
University Press of Mississippi

While they never lost their sense of their New England roots, John Clellon Holmes and Jack Kerouac made New York City their scene for twenty years. Each came to New York as teenagers, with Kerouac arriving first. Kerouac came to the city as a football player on a scholarship, enrolling at Lowell High School as a sophomore in 1936. Four years later, he entered Columbia University, where he broke his leg while playing for the football team. World War II brought many changes to the lives of Holmes and Kerouac. In the fall of 1942, Kerouac met Edie Parker, a girl who was romantically involved with his friend Henri Cru at the time. Kerouac soon began an affair with Parker. The earliest loose confederation of what would be called “the Beat Generation” met in the apartment that Parker and her friend Joan Vollmer Adams rented together.

Keywords:   football, John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, New York City, Lowell High School, Columbia University, World War II, Henri Cru, Edie Parker, Beat Generation

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