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“Superior Embellishments”

“Superior Embellishments”

Innovations to the Graphic Arts In the Philadelphia Pictorials

(p.37) 3 “Superior Embellishments”
Art for the Middle Classes
Cynthia Lee Patterson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores technological advances as seen in Miss Leslie’s Magazine: Home Book of Fashion, Literature, and Domestic Economy which was first published in 1843. It explains that Miss Leslie’s used pictorial plates in the magazine. It points out that Miss Leslie’s was the first magazine which used the strength of its pictorial plates to attract subscriptions. Such claim on the strength of pictorial content ignited a fierce competition among embellished illustrated periodicals in Philadelphia, which contributed to the production, commodification, and distribution, of unique American art.

Keywords:   pictorial plates, Miss Leslie’s Magazine, magazine, American art, subscription, competition, pictorial embellishments

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