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“The Fluttering Host of Many-Colored Competitors”

“The Fluttering Host of Many-Colored Competitors”

Regional Imitaors in the Northeast, West, and South

(p.55) 4 “The Fluttering Host of Many-Colored Competitors”
Art for the Middle Classes
Cynthia Lee Patterson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the emergence of new illustrated magazines which attempted to both imitate and rival their Philadelphia counterparts. In Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Miscellany was launched in 1842 and this offered elegant illustrations with the aim of rivaling its Philadelphia magazines. In Cincinnati, Ohio, the Ladies’ Repository magazine was first put into print in 1841. This lasted for more than 30 years. In the South, the Southern Literary Messenger sought to rival and surpass its competitors from the North, but struggled to gain readership due to the steep price of its yearly subscriptions.

Keywords:   magazines, embellishments, Ladies’ Repository, Boston Miscellany, Southern Literary Messenger, subscriptions

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