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Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Of Passion and Hostility

(p.8) Barry Bonds
Fame to Infamy
Lisa Doris Alexander
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores how Barry Bonds became one of the most hated athletes in baseball history. It traces the fans’ contempt for Bonds during his first years in baseball in 1985, as they got the impression that he was cocky, noting that he rarely acknowledged his teammates and he was vocal about his talents. It explains that Bonds’ reputation plummeted when he became involved with the performance-enhancing drugs scandal that plagued Major League Baseball. It adds that his reputation did not recover even after beating the all-time record for having the most home runs in baseball in 2007, as his team, San Francisco Giants, did not renew his contract even after achieving such a feat.

Keywords:   baseball, reputation, performance-enhancing drugs, Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

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