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Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

A Middle American Tragedy

(p.30) Kirby Puckett
Fame to Infamy
Sherrie L. Wilson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the phases of Kirby Puckett’s life: his rise to baseball stardom, his sudden retirement, his fall into disgrace, and his eventual death and redemption. It shows that there were three prevalent themes that played out in the media coverage of Kirby Puckett’s life: his typical everyman image; his typical Midwesterner image; and his star image. It notes that despite the negative press that Puckett received from the media during his last years, his death shifted their focus to his baseball accomplishments as well as to his contributions to the state of Minnesota and to the sport.

Keywords:   image, Kirby Puckett, media, everyman, star image, baseball, Minnesota, redemption

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