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“Ev’ry Day’ll Be Sunday”

“Ev’ry Day’ll Be Sunday”

Burial Sodalities

(p.26) Chapter 2 “Ev’ry Day’ll Be Sunday”
Downhome Gospel
Jerrilyn McGregory
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines the perpetuation of burial societies in Wiregrass County. It explains that these sodalities integrate ritual movements and drama with sacred music, and discusses the connection between burial leagues such as the Sunday Morning Band with the past. The chapter suggests that a predominance of African Methodist Episcopal churches represents the cultural center for the continuation of what locals call Turnouts or lodge anniversary programs, and also explains that anniversary weekends serve as homecomings and reunions where family and friends reunite for these celebrations.

Keywords:   burial societies, Wiregrass County, ritual movements, sacred music, Sunday Morning Band, African Methodist Episcopal, Turnouts, lodge anniversary programs

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