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Rock It

(p.24) 2 Rock It
The Starday Story
Nathan D. GibsonDon Pierce
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the early success of Starday Records in country music. When Starday was first established in the 1950s, it was the only label that released solely country music. Jack Starns pulled out of the company, and Harold W. Daily replaced him with the former president of the 4 Star record company, Don Pierce. It notes that Starday experienced great music success with the release of Joe “Red” Hayes’ “A Satisfied Mind” and George Jones’ “Why Baby Why.” In the emerging trend of rock ’n’ roll music, Starday attempted to make a hit through Thumper Jones’ (an alias used by George Jones) “Rock It,” but it failed due to the fact that country music radio stations did not like playing rock ’n’ roll music.

Keywords:   country music, Starday, Jack Starns, Harold W. Daily, Don Pierce, Joe Red Hayes, George Jones, Thumper Jones, rock ’n’ roll

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