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. “I felt nothing”

. “I felt nothing”

(p.9) 1. “I felt nothing”
Frank Capra
McBride Joseph
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes Capra’s return to his birthplace, the Sicilian village of Bisacquino, on April 29, 1977. His visit was part of an elaborately orchestrated Italian tour on behalf of the U. S. government, an event described in one Italian newspaper as “grotesquely programmed ... [a] propagandistic parade disguised as a cultural enterprise.” After returning to the United States, Capra was asked what he had felt on his visit to Bisacquino. “I felt nothing,” he said. In his native land, Capra time and again found himself called upon to justify his role as an official apologist for the American way of life, a position that exposed the deepest ambivalences in his character.

Keywords:   Frank Capra, Sicily, Bisacquino, village, birthplace, America

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