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. “The catastrophe of Success”

. “The catastrophe of Success”

(p.289) 10. “The catastrophe of Success”
Frank Capra
McBride Joseph
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on Capra’s successful film career. Lady for a Day was the first film for which Capra received an Academy Award nomination for best director, and was also an artistic and financial success that established his status as one of Hollywood’s master directors. It Happened One Night won an unprecedented five major Oscars in 1935—for best picture, actor, actress, writer, and director. However, Capra experienced manic-depressive mood swings in the wake of the film, which he described as “the torture of constantly proving [I] was number one.” He had schemed and sweated since childhood for the fame that was now his; but when it came, it left him feeling strangely unworthy.

Keywords:   Frank Capra, film career, Academy Award nomination

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