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. “I’m from Hollywood”

. “I’m from Hollywood”

(p.103) 5. “I’m from Hollywood”
Frank Capra
McBride Joseph
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter recounts Capra’s life after being discharged from the army on December 13, 1918. Capra found his first verifiable full-time job in the movies in 1919, at the Christie Film Company, a leading producer of slapstick comedy. He then enrolled in the Plank Scenario School, which was opened in Los Angeles by a former actor named W. M. Plank. Capra next found work with a new movie company that was scrabbling for a toehold on the fringes of Hollywood. The job brought him under the employment of a man who later would become his most important patron in Hollywood: Harry Cohn.

Keywords:   Frank Capra, army, Christie Film Company, Plank Scenario School, Harry Cohn

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