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The Clash and the Quiet

(p.55) 3 Iuka
The Civil War in Mississippi
Michael B. Ballard
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes the battle in the northeast Mississippi town of Iuka in September 1862. Braxton Bragg requested permission for most of his army to go to Tennessee to counter Don Carlos Buell’s operations. Buell had marched his men to Tennessee after the fall of Corinth, mainly to try to take east Tennessee away from Confederate general Kirby Smith. Receiving permission to carry out his plan, Bragg left some 16,000 troops under the command of Sterling Price to watch northeast Mississippi. At Vicksburg, Earl Van Dorn had approximately the same number and could cooperate with Price if necessary. Bragg envisioned Van Dorn and Price joining forces to invade western Tennessee, while Bragg wanted to join forces with Smith and cut Buell’s supply line that stretched to Nashville. All these movements led to combat in northeast Mississippi.

Keywords:   northeast Mississippi, battle, Union, Confederates, Civil War, Braxton Bragg, Don Carlos Buell, Earl Van Dorn, Sterling Price, Kirby Smith

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