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Brice’s Crossroads

Brice’s Crossroads

Confederates Win and Lose

(p.195) 8 Brice’s Crossroads
The Civil War in Mississippi
Michael B. Ballard
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes the battle at Brice’s Crosswords. The victory of Nathan Bedford Forrest against Union troops is attributed to his strategy and tactics as well as his totally inept opponent. Ironically, Forrest’s defeat of Sturgis proved to be a loss to the Confederacy and a victory for the Union. Sherman’s purpose in sending Sturgis into Mississippi was to keep Forrest busy, and though Sturgis totally bungled the campaign, he did keep Forrest from attacking Sherman’s lifeline. Thus, while Forrest fought a relatively meaningless battle in Mississippi, William T. Sherman’s supply line remained safe and secure.

Keywords:   battle, Union, Confederates, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Samuel Sturgis

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