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. Old School Values and New School Methods

. Old School Values and New School Methods

Preserving the Integrity of the Pledge Process and Defending against Hazing Liability

(p.253) 13. Old School Values and New School Methods
Black Greek-Letter Organizations 2.0
Dara Aquila Govan
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter argues that hazing liability will bankrupt the finances and traditions of black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) and issues a plea for a return to “pledging.” In order to avert their demise, it urges BGLOs to engage in more dialogue about membership intake, perform organizational studies to assess “acceptable” components of the process, share such information with the general bodies of each fraternity and sorority in order to reach democratic consensus, revisit and possibly raise the standards for membership selection, and strengthen the current anti-hazing policies and procedures. The chapter looks at the roots of the BGLO movement, hazing trends, and the effectiveness of the BGLO response to increased incidents of hazing.

Keywords:   hazing, black Greek-letter organizations, pledging, membership, organizational studies, anti-hazing

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