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. Faith and Fraternalism

. Faith and Fraternalism

A Doctrinal and Empirical Analysis

(p.69) 4. Faith and Fraternalism
Black Greek-Letter Organizations 2.0
Kenneth I. Clarke Sr.Tamara L. Brown
University Press of Mississippi

One of the criticisms thrown at black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) is their supposed incompatibility with Christianity and their polytheistic worship. Anti-BGLO activists argue that polytheism is at the root of black fraternities and sororities, and so they urge Christians (monotheists) to not associate with such organizations. This chapter examines the resurgence of religion and its intersection with BGLO organizing. It considers the claims made by anti-BGLO activists that faith and fraternalism are incompatible and looks at the BGLOs’ response to such claims by conducting a national survey of BGLO members. It shows that the anti-BGLO rhetoric misrepresents the facts about the faith and spirituality of BGLO members.

Keywords:   black Greek-letter organizations, Christianity, polytheism, fraternities, sororities, religion, faith, fraternalism, spirituality

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