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Monde Creolé

Monde Creolé

The Cultural World of French Louisiana Creoles and the Creolization of World Cultures

(p.32) Monde Creolé
Creolization as Cultural Creativity
Nick Spitzer
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explains that “Monde Créole” is a concept intended to summarize a range of interests from the “small world” of Creole culture in rural French Louisiana to the idea of global society made up of several smaller worlds. It adds that these smaller worlds are in a constant state of creolizing from within and in relation to one another in local, regional, national, and global, degrees of proximity. In the context of French Louisiana, “MCréole” is used by community members in French and French Creole language to define the Creole people, Black Creoles, African French Creoles, and their social and cultural aesthetic values. Additionally, the Creole culture of the Louisiana landscape is a world that affected the global society and culture out of proportion to other social orders of a similar scale.

Keywords:   global society, Monde Créole, French Louisiana, Creole culture, small world, cultural aesthetic values

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