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Creole Talk

Creole Talk

The Poetics and Politics of Argentine Verbal Art

(p.198) Creole Talk
Creolization as Cultural Creativity
Ana C. Cara
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses the conversational phenomenon that occurred in Argentina, the “hablando en criollo” (voicing creolity), and the host of creole verbal art genres that flourished in Argentina, the “Creole Talk.” It explains that the two play a significant role in the cultural and political negotiations and the artistic expression of everyday verbal exchanges and literary texts in Argentina. The two are also intrinsically interwoven, despite their distinctiveness, as they form a local and coded discourse that is used by the Argentines to refer to everything that is something creole.

Keywords:   hablando en criollo, Creole Talk, creole, Argentina, conversational phenomenon, artistic expression

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