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Importing Neorealism, Exporting Cinema

Importing Neorealism, Exporting Cinema

Indian Cinema and Film Festivals in the 1950s

(p.178) Importing Neorealism, Exporting Cinema
Global Neorealism
Neepa Majumdar
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores 1950s discussions of realism in India as catalyzed by what filmmakers and audiences described as the eye-opening experience of watching the three Italian neorealist films that were screened at the first International Film Festival in India, held from January 24—February 1, 1952. Specifically, it considers this festival’s impact, and its echoes in cinematic and journalistic discourse in the early 1950s. Within the discourse of realism, one can find a continuum of films ranging from mainstream studio products such as Footpath (Zia Sarhady, 1953) to hybrid independent and studio films such as Do bigha zamin (Two Acres of Land, Bimol Roy, 1953) to state-supported independent films such as Pather panchali.

Keywords:   realism, Indian cinema, International Film Festival, India, Italian neorealist films

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