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. Schaefer Suds

. Schaefer Suds

(p.60) 6. Schaefer Suds
City Son
Wayne Dawkins
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes events from 1968 to 1971. These include F&M Schaefer brewery’s appointment of Andy Cooper as director of community affairs in 1968; Andy’s promoting activities at Schaefer; his appointment to the Brooklyn Advisory Council of the New York State Division of Human Rights in February 1969; his organization of a protest against state senator Waldaba Stewart’s plan to create an improvement authority for Atlantic Avenue—Andy saw the proposed changes as a crude land grab that would allow the state to evict residents from their homes and build a superhighway; and his departure from Schaefer in 1971 to work independently as a public relations consultant.

Keywords:   Andy Cooper, F&M Schaefer brewery, Brooklyn Advisory Council, Waldaba Stewart

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