Ethnic Heritage in MississippiThe Twentieth Century

Ethnic Heritage in MississippiThe Twentieth Century

Shana Walton and Barbara Carpenter

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9781617032622

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi


Throughout its history, Mississippi has seen a small, steady stream of immigrants, and those identities—sometimes submerged, sometimes hidden—have helped shape the state in important ways. Amid renewed interest in identity, the Mississippi Humanities Council has commissioned a companion volume to its earlier book that studied ethnicity in the state from the period 1500–1900. This book offers stories of immigrants overcoming obstacles, immigrants newly arrived, and long-settled groups witnessing a revitalized claim to membership. It examines twentieth-century immigration trends, explores the reemergence of ethnic identity, and undertakes case studies of current ethnic groups. Some of the groups featured in the book include Chinese, Latino, Lebanese, Jewish, Filipino, South Asian, and Vietnamese communities. The book also examines Biloxi as a city that has long attracted a diverse population and takes a look at the growth in identity affiliation among people of European descent. It is funded in part by a “We the People” grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.