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Temporalities on Collision Course

Temporalities on Collision Course

Time, Knowledge, and Temporal Critique in Damages

(p.165) 11 Temporalities on Collision Course
Time in Television Narrative
Toni Pape
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter analyzes the narrative temporalities in the legal drama Damages. Drawing on philosophical critiques of “modern time consciousness,” it argues that Damages’s temporal structures rely on an emphatic conception of modern time. Thus, the show reveals the complicity of these temporalities with a modern knowledge economy and power structures. Damages ultimately discards its “modern time consciousness” in favor of a notion of time as “intelligible becoming.” This shift in narrative temporalities simultaneously brings about a shift in the knowledge economy and power relations represented in Damages.

Keywords:   television shows, television programs, narrative temporalities, modern time, temporality, knowledge economy, power relations

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