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Freaks of Time

Freaks of Time

Reevaluating Memory and Identity Through Daniel Knauf’s Carnivàle

(p.178) 12 Freaks of Time
Time in Television Narrative
Frida Beckman
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the complex temporal structures of Carnivàle. It argues that this television series offers layers of time through which it becomes possible for characters to retrace temporality, relive events, and share pasts and/or futures. This portrayal of time and space challenges not only the notion of a continuous, causal temporality, but also the idea of individual continuity, since memories and experiences are not tied to one single mind or body. Rather, there is a repetition of events traveling across generations, and, as such, complexities need to be untied by viewers over the integral interruptions of serial television, Carnivàle demands active viewing, and also invites philosophical inquiries into the nature of time and selfhood.

Keywords:   television shows, television programs, time, temporality, temporal structures

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