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Zero-Degree Seriality

Zero-Degree Seriality

Television Narrative in the Post-Network Era

(p.69) 4 Zero-Degree Seriality
Time in Television Narrative
Norman M. Gendelman
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores what it means for contemporary viewers and shows to be “serial” in terms of both ontological reception (the experience of viewing in time) and epistemological intellection (the articulation of viewing in time). It shows that both 24 and Lost construct narrative codes that confront the electronic present while likewise mapping its displacements. By stylistically and structurally foregrounding, or “plotting,” their own contexts—obsessive speed for the former and digressive multiplicity for the latter—these programs are semiotic/experiential modes and electronic “signatures” of our era.

Keywords:   television series, television programs, serial television, ontological reception, epistemological intellection, 24, Lost

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