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“Play It Again, Sam…and Dean”

“Play It Again, Sam…and Dean”

Temporality and Meta-Textuality in Supernatural

(p.82) 5 “Play It Again, Sam…and Dean”
Time in Television Narrative
Michael Fuchs
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter analyzes the television series, Supernatural, which breaks traditional linear narration in numerous episodes. It argues that by departing from a chronological structure and also deconstructing seemingly fixed temporal markers such as death, Supernatural self-reflexively draws attention to the constructed nature of (television) narratives while also highlighting the cultural construction that is the concept of linear time. This program is thus indicative of a larger trend in our contemporary society in which the differentiation between objective and subjective time has evolved into conceiving of temporality as discontinuous and fragmented.

Keywords:   television programs, television series, chronology, temporal markers, television narratives, linear time, temporality

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