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(p.220) (p.221) Conclusion
Autobiographical Comics
Elisabeth El Refaie
University Press of Mississippi

This book concludes by identifying the key formal properties and narrative techniques of a relatively new and flourishing art form, the graphic memoir. The autobiographical comics presented in this book have shown that individual works differ substantially in terms of their subject matter, artistic style, and the degree to which they claim to be “true” to the author’s real-life experiences. While some graphic memoirists focus on the actual, specific experiences they have had, others use the genre to reflect upon the complex nature of self-identity and truth, often freely mixing nuggets of fact with blatant fiction. Despite their varying motivations, all graphic memoirists must face the same set of fundamental challenges: they must find a way of representing themselves both verbally and visually, address the unique properties of the human sense of time, try to convey a sense of authenticity, and, perhaps most importantly, attract and captivate their readers.

Keywords:   key formal properties, narrative techniques, graphic memoir, graphic memoirists, fundamental challenges

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