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Professors, Coaches Jocks, Geeks, And Other Strange Characters

Professors, Coaches Jocks, Geeks, And Other Strange Characters


(p.71) 3 Chapter Professors, Coaches Jocks, Geeks, And Other Strange Characters
Campus Traditions
Simon J. Bronner
University Press of Mississippi

The college campus, with its imposing buildings and a landscape intended to inspire great ideas, is populated by different characters and personalities who might be out of place elsewhere. Campus humor and legend conspire to reveal the idiosyncrasies of these figures, from athletes and coaches to professors and even students themselves. College students use slang to identify campus folktypes; athletes are jocks and bulletheads, for example, while popular students are B.M.O.C. (big men on campus) or campus queens and unpopular ones are referred to as drudges, nerds, and geeks. Those belonging to the Greek system, or Greekdom, are frat rats and sorority bitches, whereas non-members are called ’siders or outsiders, hallmen, barbs, or barbarians. Because of the authority they hold, professors get the bulk of attention in campus anecdotes. They are portrayed in student folklore as absentminded, arrogant, dull, and disheveled, often oblivious to personal appearance. Legends and jokes also abound on campus for students known as “goldbrickers” or “partiers,” who defy the imperative to hit the books.

Keywords:   campus humor, athletes, coaches, professors, college students, slang, folklore, jokes, goldbrickers, partiers

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