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Campus Events

Campus Events

Holidays, Games, and Sports

(p.192) 6 Chapter Campus Events
Campus Traditions
Simon J. Bronner
University Press of Mississippi

As they pursue learning away from home, family, and friends, college students are left on their own. Naturally, students seek other young, kindred spirits. College campuses promote social bonding, cultural growth, and self-development by holding a host of events such as games, sports, rituals, and festivals. In the old-time college, students typically take charge of their festive needs as members of a select society, but those in the modern mega-university are monitored by administrators. Among the holidays and events celebrated on many campuses are the Halloween, Christmas, Founder’s Day or Charter Day, spring festivals (known as “riots,” “rites,” “flings,” “fevers,” and “storms”), ritual tree plantings, May Day, and college football. In addition, students engage in festivities by drinking alcoholic beverages, disregarding the efforts of universities to curb drinking on campus. Whereas men participate in killer games and tugs-of-war, women maintain their share of customs through artistry and creativity.

Keywords:   college students, campuses, games, sports, rituals, festivals, old-time college, mega-university, holidays, college football

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