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Greek Life

Greek Life

Holidays, Games, and Sports

(p.242) 7 Chapter Greek Life
Campus Traditions
Simon J. Bronner
University Press of Mississippi

For many fraternity and sorority members, Greek letter societies are a traditional place on campus where “me” becomes “us.” Fraternities and sororities often view themselves as leaders of the college spirit and upholders of the campus tradition. Defenders of the Greek system argue that it is intended to foster lifelong benevolent values of fellowship and service, yet fraternities and sororities are viewed with suspicion and subject to restriction, reform, disparagement, suspension, and worse, banishment. There is a public, and often administrative, apprehension of the exclusivity of the fraternities and sororities on campuses. In contrast to their publicized activities as big-hearted service organizations, campus boosters, and well-mannered socialites, fraternities and sororities are equated with hazing, rowdy singing and pranking, pledging, initiation, and partying.

Keywords:   fraternities, sororities, campus tradition, hazing, singing, pranking, pledging, initiation, partying, campuses

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