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Sex and the Single Student

Sex and the Single Student

(p.343) 9 Chapter Sex and the Single Student
Campus Traditions
Simon J. Bronner
University Press of Mississippi

Sex and the anxieties it presents are inextricably linked to campus life. Much of the folklore about sex in college addresses power relationships as well as erotic practices among professors and students, men and women, and same-sex partners. College students are influenced by peer pressure to be sexually active and even experimental as a sign of modern liberation. Courtship traditions in college campuses have changed from the old-time college’s ritualized mixers involving culturally enforced protocols for dating to postmodern hook-ups at parties, “meat markets,” and “booty runs.” Paradoxically, the lore about sex on campus can be couched as horror or humor, whether it is the “white witch” or the “hook man” haunting lovers’ lanes, the death of a boyfriend, the gay roommate, the woman inflicted with AIDS who intentionally passes it to men, or the virgin test.

Keywords:   sex, campus life, folklore, college students, peer pressure, courtship, campuses, old-time college, horror, humor

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