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. The Lucumí Religion and Its Music

. The Lucumí Religion and Its Music

(p.21) 1. The Lucumí Religion and Its Music
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming
Kenneth Schweitzer
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter first discusses Lucumí beliefs; instruments of the Lucumí religion; and the structure of a toque de santo and the role of money. Batá drumming events were organized around a concept coined “thematic acts,” a model in which various performer-defined themes of action, each with an independent purpose, develop concurrently. The chapter describes these thematic acts, including the state of fiesta, song competitions and drumming competitions, student/teacher exchanges, orisha possession, and salutations. Interviews with batá drummers are also provided.

Keywords:   Lucumí, toque de santo, ritual performance, thematic acts, batá drummers

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