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. Learning the Basics

. Learning the Basics

Experiential Learning

(p.97) 4. Learning the Basics
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming
Kenneth Schweitzer
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines several aspects of batá pedagogy, focusing on the role of non-lexical verbal communication, the spatial relationships among the performers, and the micro- and macrostructures of the musical system. First, it examines the relationship between the okónkolo and the iyá, and draws on the associations between the okónkolo and mythology of the orisha Eleguá. The chapter then examines the macrostructure of the musical system, comparing the order in which toques are invariably played during the oro igbodú to the mythological stories of the warriors Eleguá, Ogún, and Ochosi. It is shown that many of the skills developed on the okónkolo are vital to learning the itótele. After these are examined, the chapter discusses the role of spatial relationships between the performers and the microstructure of the musical system simultaneously to illustrate the communication between the iyá and the itótele.

Keywords:   batá pedagogy, verbal communication, musical system, okónkolo, iyá, orisha Eleguá, itótele

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