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. Traditional Ñongo

. Traditional Ñongo

Musical Analysis

(p.143) 6. Traditional Ñongo
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming
Kenneth Schweitzer
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter analyzes a single batá toque, the “traditional” ñongo. Ñongo is a deceptively simple, four-beat repeating pattern that is interrupted periodically by conversations between the two larger drums in the batá ensemble, the iyá and the itótele. The analysis begins with an examination of clave, a rhythm and underlying principle that provides the foundation for ñongo and many other toques, and then relates the principles of clave to ñongo’s two structural components (basic patterns and conversations). It concludes by providing an extensive comparative analysis of several ñongo performances.

Keywords:   batá toque, ñongo, clave

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