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. Modern Ñongo

. Modern Ñongo

The Evolution of a Toque

(p.167) 7. Modern Ñongo
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming
Kenneth Schweitzer
University Press of Mississippi

The evolution of ñongo over the past two decades has reached a point where many elder Cuban drummers become disoriented when they try to understand the performance style of the younger generations. The difficulty in analyzing a rapidly evolving genre lies in distinguishing between incremental evolution and a fundamental break, which would signify the birth of a new genre. This chapter examines the emergence of the “modern style” of ñongo. It argues that though the modern style serves exactly the same ritual function as the more traditional style, this version is actually a new and distinct, albeit related, genre.

Keywords:   ñongo, Cuban drummers, modern style, batá performance

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