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Intertwining Folklore and Rhetoric

Intertwining Folklore and Rhetoric

Cultural Performance, Acknowledgment, and Social Justice

(p.181) Chapter Six Intertwining Folklore and Rhetoric
Desi Divas
Christine L. Garlough
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter consolidates the ideas and arguments put forth in the book. As argued in the previous chapters, the presence and prevalence of hate speech performed in everyday contexts has often made exceptional violence — like religious genocide — seem reasonable or justifiable. The book has also illustrated the diverse ways in which some contemporary, progressive South Asian American groups have made attempts to provide or support a critical response to these violent actions. The chapter looks at these activist performances, many of which display the following components: (a) they address problems through rhetorical acts of acknowledgement; (b) they provide an space wherein people can feel at home while thinking about and discussing certain truths; (c) they cover and discuss what it means to live in a community characterized by profound difference. Other components displayed in these performances include the creation of caring communities and caring for oneself.

Keywords:   hate speech, religious genocide, South Asian American groups, acknowledgement, caring communities, violence, social justice, cultural performance

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