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Advantages of Portability

Advantages of Portability

The Early Postwar Years

(p.14) Chapter 2 Advantages of Portability
Chronicle of a Camera
Norris Pope
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes the use of the Arriflex 35 in the early postwar years. The camera’s international reputation grew during World War II as a result of the high-quality wartime and combat footage taken with it by German cameramen. As German cameramen and their equipment fell into Allied hands, the U.S. military commissioned an imitation—the Cineflex—in order to take advantage of the reflex viewing system, After the end of the war, Arriflex 35mm cameras began appearing in the used-camera market in North America. The 35mm Arriflex was also used extensively as a news camera, first for theater newsreels and later for television news broadcasts.

Keywords:   Arriflex 35, 35mm cameras, Cineflex, German cameramen, Allied forces, news cameras

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