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“Scheming, Treacherous, and Out for Revenge”

“Scheming, Treacherous, and Out for Revenge”

Ethnic Imperialism

(p.94) 3 “Scheming, Treacherous, and Out for Revenge”
Beyond The Chinese Connection
Crystal S. Anderson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter uses Lee’s film The Chinese Connection (1972) to explore the theme of ethnic imperialism involving Japanese and African American cultures in Ishmael Reed’s Japanese by Spring and the Japanese anime series Samurai Champloo. Set against the backdrop of Shanghai in 1908, tensions resulting from Japanese encroachment on Chinese sovereignty and resources drive the action. In this way, The Chinese Connection prefigures the theme of ethnic imperialism, with the Japanese as antagonists who represent a colonizing power bent on erasing Chinese culture and imposing Japanese culture upon the citizens.

Keywords:   Bruce Lee, Chinese Connection, Japanese culture, African American culture, Ishmael Reed, Japanese by Spring, Samurai Champloo, Chinese culture

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