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“Some Things Never Change, and Some Things Do”

“Some Things Never Change, and Some Things Do”

Interethnic Conflict and Solidarity

(p.137) 4 “Some Things Never Change, and Some Things Do”
Beyond The Chinese Connection
Crystal S. Anderson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter uses Lee’s film The Big Boss (1971) to examine the theme of ethnic conflict and solidarity within and between ethnic groups in Paul Beatty’s novel, White Boy Shuffle and The Matrix film trilogy. Just as The Big Boss explores inter- and intra-ethnic conflict, Beatty’s The White Boy Shuffle interrogates both ethnicity and national identity against the backdrop of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. While Beatty’s novel echoes the complex examination of dynamics between ethnic groups found in The Big Boss, The Matrix trilogy adds an element of gender cooperation to the consideration of interethnic conflict.

Keywords:   Bruce Lee, Big Boss, ethnic conflict, Paul Beatty, White Boy Shuffle, Matrix, Chinese immigrants, Thai criminal underworld, intra-solidarity

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