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Foreign Impulses in Annie Desroy’s Le Joug

Foreign Impulses in Annie Desroy’s Le Joug

(p.161) 7 Foreign Impulses in Annie Desroy’s Le Joug
Haiti and the Americas
Nadève Ménard
University Press of Mississippi

The U.S. occupation of Haiti, from 1915 to 1934, brought about brutal contact between two groups who had little previous experience with each other. Many Haitian novels of the period reflect the societal turmoil caused by the occupation. This chapter presents a reading of Annie Desroy’s Le Joug (1934), and shows how female authors explore the ways in which nationalism is couched in gendered terms. The narrative techniques deployed by Desroy also allow her to offer a nuanced portrayal of both Haitian and American characters.

Keywords:   Haitian novels, female authors, nationalism, Haitians, Americans, U.S. occupation

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