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Racing into the Storm

Racing into the Storm

Roberta gibb, kathrine switzer, and women’s marathoning

(p.162) Racing into the Storm
A Locker Room of Her Own
Oren RenickLea Robin Velez
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses the struggles of women to achieve gender equality, focusing on two women in distance running: Roberta Gibb and Kathrine Switzer. Gibb and Switzer both struggled to gain access to the Boston Marathon, a traditionally all-male distance running competition. Both Gibbs and Switzer ran unofficially at the competition, but Switzer was caught in 1967. It adds that their struggles for gender equality were contrary to the accepted gender role of women as the weaker sex, making their fight a fight for all women who, just like them, wanted to compete in distance running.

Keywords:   gender role, distance running, Boston Marathon, gender equality, Roberta Gibb, Kathrine Switzer

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