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. “In the World but Not of It”

. “In the World but Not of It”

Agency and Social Engagement

(p.78) 4. “In the World but Not of It”
Plotting Apocalypse
Jennie Chapman
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on the place of evangelicals in the contemporary social world, through an examination of their representation in Left Behind. It finds that although the evangelical characters have a clear missionary imperative in the early novels of the series, this quickly gives way to evangelical isolationism as they develop into a separatist faith community which is increasingly hostile to those beyond its ‘inner circle’. The chapter also engages with the series’ attitudes towards race, multiculturalism and, specifically, Islam, through an examination of its depiction of Muslims and non-white converts to evangelicalism. It finds that the series’ messages about multiculturalism and what is often described as ‘racial reconciliation’ among evangelicals are surprisingly ambiguous and at times even progressive.

Keywords:   Community, Missionary, Racial reconciliation, Islam, Multiculturalism

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