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. Negotiated Agency

. Negotiated Agency

Female Subjectivities at the End of History

(p.135) 7. Negotiated Agency
Plotting Apocalypse
Jennie Chapman
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter attends to evangelical attitudes towards gender roles and relations, through an analysis of Left Behind’s female characters. It finds that feminism has had a surprising influence on conservative evangelicalism, which is less ambivalent about strong women, female independence, and working mothers than it has been in the past, as the plot of Left Behind shows. Nonetheless, the remnants of misogyny can be discerned in the novels’ voyeuristic depictions of violence against women, particularly those who refuse to conform to the evangelical ideal of feminine passivity and submission. Such depictions of violence – what Tina Pippin has called ‘apocalyptic gynocide’ – can be read as revenge fantasies against women who have benefitted from the gains made by secular feminism.

Keywords:   Feminism, Misogyny, Women, Gynocide, Violence

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