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Some Twentieth-Century Louisiana Prose Writers

Some Twentieth-Century Louisiana Prose Writers

(p.149) Chapter Twelve Some Twentieth-Century Louisiana Prose Writers
Louisiana Creole Literature
Catharine Savage Brosman
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter surveys the work of numerous twentieth-century Anglophone authors, whether visitors or natives, who dealt briefly or lengthily with Louisiana Creole society or its remnants, The fragmentation of the white community and loss of Creole identity are examined, in connection with the changed face of the French Quarter early in the century. Among authors studied are Sheila Bosworth; Donald Demarest (of Creole heritage), the author of Fabulous Ancestor; Ernest Gaines (who writes about Creoles in Pointe Coupée Parish); Shirley Ann Grau (author of The House on Coliseum Street); Anne Rice (her historical novel The Feast of All Saints deals with the Free People of Color in the 1840s); and Lyle Saxon (whose Children of Strangers is set in the Cane River area). Other authors considered briefly include Ulisse Marinoni (French-language) and the English-language writers William Faulkner, Ellen Gilchrist, Nancy Lemann, and Tennessee Williams.

Keywords:   Loss of Creole identity, French Quarter, Twentieth-century Anglophone authors, Creole society, Donald Demarest

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