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Selected University Ensembles

Selected University Ensembles

History, Resources, Repertoire, Teaching, Learning, Performance(s), and Reception

2 Selected University Ensembles
West African Drumming and Dance in North American Universities
George WorlasiKwasi Dor
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter 2 privileges a number of representative West African dance drumming ensembles in North American universities--UCLA, Wesleyan, Berkeley, York, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Tufts, MIT, Ole Miss, and Binghamton--focusing on their histories, programs, repertoires, symbolism, unique challenges, and instructive models they can provide. Chapter 2, like the subsequent chapters, is based on interviews with relevant ensemble directors and administrators as well as other ethnographic data the author gathered during visits to the preceding campuses and/or at conferences. Regrettably, a few notable universities with great West African dance drumming ensembles are not included in this chapter because of the unavailability of either funds to visit them all, or of their directors for interviewing during busy summer months and other schedules. However, Table 1 provides information on some of the ensembles, directors, and their repertoires, and discussion of some directors not covered in chapter 2 abounds at different stages of the book.

Keywords:   Selected University Ensembles, History and programs, Repertoires, UCLA, Performances

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