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Pedagogical Approaches of Dance Drumming Instructors

Pedagogical Approaches of Dance Drumming Instructors

(p.98) 3 Pedagogical Approaches of Dance Drumming Instructors
West African Drumming and Dance in North American Universities
George WorlasiKwasi Dor
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter 3 examines the pedagogical approaches of ensemble instructors who belong to three categories: (1) former master drummers of a West African national dance ensemble, (2) Africans who have pursued or are pursuing a graduate degree in American universities, and (3) American ethnomusicologists who studied West African ethnic dance drumming traditions in Africa, probing the possible influences of their trainings on their teaching approaches. Also, the chapter includes some semantics into “master drummer,” “mother drummer,” and “lead drummer,” three labels often used in qualifying these directors. Pedagogical issues include teaching dance drumming as an integrated art, oral-aural-visual styles of learning, representing African music in the American classroom, germane to the “authenticity” debate, and the use of solely African or American approaches, or a combination of the preceding as dictated by contextual needs. Chapter 3 also explores the practice of the options of teaching multiple or limited dances within a semester.

Keywords:   Pedagogical Approaches, Representation and Authenticity, Oral-aural-visual styles, Mother, master, lead drummers, Integrated performing arts

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