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Path-Finding Agency of Administrators and Ensemble Directors

Path-Finding Agency of Administrators and Ensemble Directors

(p.156) 5 Path-Finding Agency of Administrators and Ensemble Directors
West African Drumming and Dance in North American Universities
George WorlasiKwasi Dor
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter 5 explicitly discusses the phenomenal agency of administrators toward their respective institution's ensembles--whether they are/were non-Africanist ethnomusicologists, Africanist researchers and percussionists, or other caliber of music faculty. Interviews with Glenn Hopkins and Charles Gates provide a wealth of insights on how West African dance drumming ensembles fulfill partial ideals of liberal arts colleges. Discussion of agency of ensemble directors, a second major theme of chapter 5, touches on the desired prerequisite qualifications of directors, distills ensemble directors’ narratives on how they founded their respective groups—be it a result of well-planned or forethought departmental programs and projects, initiatives and considerations of the availability of African graduate students who could perform or teach their ethnic dances, or innovative drives of newly hired African/Africanist faculty. The chapter concludes with perspectives on “Classes and Rehearsals,” “Programming,” “Performance Space and Other Arrangements,” “Sponsorship and Financial Support,” “Publicity,” and “Documenting the Event.”

Keywords:   Ensemble Directors, Administrators, Path-finding Agency, Logistic Support, Liberal Arts College ideals

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