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World Music And Globalization

World Music And Globalization

West African Drum-Dance Ensembles

(p.225) 7 World Music And Globalization
West African Drumming and Dance in North American Universities
George WorlasiKwasi Dor
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter 7 focuses on globalizing external factors—terrains, institutions, groups, and personalities—on the genre's development, and also examines ethnomusicological research on African rhythm and/or dance drumming's impact on scholarship, training of lead drummers, and recruitment of ensemble directors. Further, dance drumming is integral to study-abroad programs to West Africa. Chapter 7 acknowledges contributions of cultural and academic institution and key players in the development of government-sponsored dance drumming in Ghana--Arts Council of Ghana, Ghana National Dance Ensemble, and the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, the human agencies of Philip Gbeho, Albert Mawere Opoku, and J. H. Kwabena Nketia. Additionally, perspectives from artilces by Charry, Polak, Frieberg, and Hill illuminate Les Ballet Africans’ contributions to the global popularity of Mande music. Chapter 7 concludes by valorizing the traditional knowledge, especially, the imaginative creativity of the indigenous musicians who originated these sublime dance genres of West Africa.

Keywords:   Chapter keywords, Study Abroad and dance drumming, Cultural and academic Institutions, National ensembles and personalities, Dance drumming and research, Indigenous musicians, knowledge, creativity

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