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Follow Me Quietly (1949)

Follow Me Quietly (1949)

(p.155) Chapter 13 Follow Me Quietly (1949)
The Crime Films of Anthony Mann
Max Alvarez
University Press of Mississippi

The one film discussed at length in this book that Anthony Mann did not direct is Richard Fleischer’s Follow Me Quietly, a 1949 policier based on a story Mann co-wrote. In this chapter, a comparison is made between the original Mann treatment held in the RKO papers at UCLA and the released picture, which is comparatively faithful to the story, with the exception of the culminating chase sequence through Manhattan. The chapter reproduces some of the more intriguing aspects of the Mann treatment, from social commentary and surrealism to a dramatic New Year’s Eve subway pursuit, which pre-dates Mann’s uses of New York City locations in the Side Street climax. The streamlining RKO did to the project following Howard Hughes’s studio takeover is discussed as well. Finally, the chapter debunks the myth that Anthony Mann directed the final gas plant pursuit and clarifies other contributions of credited and uncredited screenwriters.

Keywords:   Fleischer, policier, RKO, Howard Hughes, screenwriters

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